My Portfolio

Home Hunts

Home Hunts is a luxury real estate company that helps interested buyers find their dream homes in France and Spain.  

As a Social Media Manager for this company, I have successfully been managing the Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages of both Home Hunts France and Home Hunts Spain.

Initially working on the Home Hunts Spain pages, I focused on raising brand awareness for the branch. This led to a successful 300% increase in followers in just 6 months, a number I am happy to say is still increasing. 

Currently, my focus lies on maintaining an effective social media strategy for Home Hunts France and Home Hunts Spain.  To achieve this, I am tapping into social media trends, writing engaging captions, and posting relevant content on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. This has already led to a 300% increase in user engagement over the past 2 months. 

Overall, my work as a Social Media Manager at Home Hunts has helped improve the brand identity and social media engagement of Home Hunts Spain and Home Hunts France, resulting in a higher engagement rate and increased followers for each social media page.

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Solstice Blends

Solstice Blends is a startup that specializes in plant-based coffee alternatives.  As the Social Media Manager, my main objective was to create a cohesive brand identity through the company’s social media accounts. With a focus on Instagram and Facebook, the branding efforts included introducing the brand, highlighting its core values, history, and products through visually appealing posts, videos, stories and engaging captions. 

To increase social media engagement, I set up collaborations with influencers and restaurants/cafés, engaged with users, and shared user-generated content. These efforts resulted in a 25% increase in the number of followers within two months and a significant increase in engagement rates.


My copywriting and design skills were valuable in creating the company’s new website. I provided suggestions for the text and design of the landing page, company description, product description, company values, and brand identity pages. This helped in improving the website’s appeal, and boosted the company’s online presence.

Erasmus Sustainability Hub

Erasmus Sustainability Hub is a student initiative that aims to raise awareness on sustainable practices at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. During my time at the organization, I was part of a team responsible for promoting sustainable habits and events on campus, which later transitioned to online events due to the pandemic.

As the Social Media Manager of the organization’s Instagram page, my main goals were to promote sustainable habits and events, as well as to improve social media engagement. To achieve this, I created numerous social media posts and corresponding captions, leveraging hashtag analysis and other relevant techniques. These efforts led to a 100% increase in engagement on Instagram posts, which helped to raise awareness and boost engagement on sustainable practices among the university community.


IBCoMagazine is a student-run magazine at Erasmus University Rotterdam that publishes weekly blog posts and seasonal magazines. As a Social Media Manager, my goal was to promote these publications on Instagram and Facebook, collaborating with the marketing team. The focus was on creating a social media strategy that could engage the student community with relevant content, foster a sense of community, and increase readership.

To achieve these goals, I developed social media graphics on Canva, and developed posts featuring relevant hashtags and engaging captions to promote the blog posts and magazines. During the pandemic, the social media strategy was adapted by featuring team members in’ “A day in the life” stories and promoting blog posts helping students navigate lockdowns. These efforts were aimed at maintaining engagement and a sense of community amongst students.

Following this approach, the number of followers on Instagram and Facebook increased, and engagement rates improved significantly. The social media strategy also helped to promote the blog posts and magazines, resulting in increased views and engagement among students.

Experis Academy

Experis Academy, a part of ManpowerGroup, provides IT-focused traineeships. As a Social Media/Community Manager in this project, my primary objective was to increase the number of relevant applicants for these traineeships and enhance the branding of Experis Academy on social media.

To improve the brand image of Experis Academy, I streamlined their social media presence on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. This cohesive brand image resulted in a significant 45% increase in followers over the course of 6 months.

In order to attract potential applicants, I wrote engaging content in Dutch that was featured on the website and used for LinkedIn job openings. By highlighting the benefits of the traineeships and emphasizing Experis Academy’s strengths, we were able to attract qualified applicants to the program.