Hi! I’m Amy

Your next Social Media Manager

I’m a Social Media Manager who loves creating content and helping companies improve their social media presence. I specialize in all things social media – creating social media posts on Canva, writing engaging texts, scheduling social media posts, and engaging with communities on social media.  

Over the past few years, I’ve helped companies create a strong brand presence online by creating compelling visuals and writing engaging copy for social media. I’ve also helped them set up a strong social media plan based on in-depth research. As a result, I increased the Instagram following of a company specializing in coffee alternatives by 25% in 2 months. I also improved the engagement of a sustainability-focused company by 100% through hashtag research.

Passionate about social media, I love to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and apply these to my work. I’m also passionate about sustainability, mindfulness, and traveling. Having lived in 4 different countries growing up, I enjoy exploring new places and cultures and thrive in an international environment. A native English speaker, I am also fluent in Dutch, and French, and speak a bit of Spanish. 

I would love to help you improve your social media presence or help you with any other social media-related goals!

Social Media Specialist Amy

What I do

Planning social media posts
Social Media Management

Creating a social media strategy, Scheduling posts, Engaging with users and brands on social media daily.

Social media post promoting blog article
Social Media Content Creation

Editing pictures, Editing videos, Creating graphics on Canva.

Product description text for website

Writing engaging copy for social media posts, job postings, blogs, articles, or emails.

Community management by answering comments and questions
Community Management

Engaging with users on social media, Answering questions and comments on social media.